​When I need extra props I always go to

 The Questors theatre's props department who hire at very reasonable prices.




Lucy from My Heart Skipped is an amazing photographer you would never be disappointed with her work.


Tea Darling

​Vintage Tea Parties & Events

Tea Darling would like to introduce you to some of their friends who we think would make your special occasion even more special. 

The Questors Theatre have offered me a space to have a vintage tearoom.

Come along and enjoy a lovely pot of tea and we can chat.


Do you have to make a speech in front of lots of people? You may know what you want to say, but will those words come out the way you want them to sound? If you want to feel and sound confident, then Lucy is the girl to help you!

If your looking to entertain your guests with a musical surprise then look no further.  The Buttercups will delight your guests with their rendition of modern popular music with a vintage twist.